Old Duffield Village, Church, and Castle,
With some Personal Reminiscences.

A Lecture given before the Duffield Branch of the Church of England Men's Society, Dec., 8th., 1921,


List of Incumbents, St. Alkmund's Church, Duffield


(1253). Robert De Stretton; Tutbury Chartulary.
1299 William De Sadyngton;
Patron, the Lady Blanche, Formerly Wife of Edmund, Brother of Edward I., Earl of Lancaster.
1300 Alexander De Kingeston;
Same Patron.
1314 John Wade
1328 William De Newport;
Patron, Henry Earl of Lancaster.


1338 William De Eccleshale;
Collated by the Bishop.
The Subsequent Vicars Were All Appointed in the same way prior to 1898
1362 John De Bynbroke
1363 Hugh De Quernedon
(1375) William De Monyash
1387 John Birchover De Allerwasles
1400 John Bradley
1437 Thomas Lowe
1471 Christopher Pagnall
Richard Derman
1492 Robert Hundresworth
1493 William Dethick, BA
1497 Sampson Meynell
(1535) Nicholas Stockisley
1538 William Duckett
1540 Richard Walker
1541 Ralph Dawson
* * * *
1605 Richard Ward
1618Aug. 12 Edmund Cooke
1619Jan. 20 Joseph Leigh, MA
1620Nov. 13 Benjamin Bentham, BA
1649Mar. 11 John Taylor
1658Sep. 11 Roger Morrice
1662Sep. 30 Edward Buxton, BA.
1672Jan. 3 John Stafford, BA
1680Oct. 19 James Stone, BA
1703Sep. 19 Joseph Gorwen
1708June 9 Edward Calton
1711June 12 Thomas Calton
1735June 21 Benjamin Clive
1759Apl. 17 Richard Gifford.
1773Feb. 20 James Chelsum
1780May 16 Fletcher Dixon
1819Feb. 24 William Barber
1858June 24 Francis Wellington Moore.
1898Sep. 10. John Clement Primrose Aldous, MA
patron, Rowland Smith.
1909Nov. 15 Frederick William Eddison, MA.
patron, Colonel Granville Roland Francis Smith
1917Feb. 3 Elmitt Raithby Browne, MA,
same patron
1919July 22 Earnest Augustus Causton MA.
patron Rev. Roland Audley Smith, MA
From "Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire," Vol. III., with additions,
revised by the Author, the Rev. J. Charles Cox, LL.D, FSA
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