Old Duffield Village, Church, aud Castle,
With some Personal Reminiscences.

A Lecture given before the Duffield Branch of the Church of England Men's Society, Dec., 8th., 1921,

Anglo-Saxon Occupation


The Romans finally withdrew their legions from this country in the dawn of the 5th century, and afterwards came the Saxon invasion. The Celtic mound and Roman station became the stronghold of the Anglo-Saxon Lord of the Manor, and here he held his court and ruled over his serfs. Many remains of this period were found on the Castle site, perhaps the most interesting being a cruciform brooch of bronze, of Saxon workmanship, and also part of an amber necklace, found with some human female bones. These ornaments, worn by ladies of wealth and position, indicated that there had been an internment of an Anglo-Saxon lady of rank, probably the wife or daughter of the lord of this fortified hill or "burh"

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