Duffield History

Duffield is situated next to the River Derwent in Derbyshire at the lower end of the Pennines. There have been humans in the area, probably, from the stone age.

It is controversial whether the Romans maintained a military presence to protect the ford across which the convoys of lead from Wirksworth joined Rykneld Way en route for the North Sea ports.

However, in Anglo Saxon times it would seem to have been occupied by persons of some position, and in Norman times, Henry de Ferrars built a substantial castle. During this period, it was the centre of Duffield Frith, which extended over many miles around.

This site archives a book written by my grandfather in 1922, of which few copies remain, and the work on the castle initiated by my great grandfather.

The photographs were taken by my great uncle. The quality is poor at present because I have had to copy them from the halftones in the book. The originals, I imagine, have disappeared long ago.

Old Duffield - Village, Church and Castle

Duffield Castle

Notes on Duffield Church

Enclosure of Commons and Waste Lands, Formerly in the Townships of Belper, Duffield, Hazelwood, Heage, Holbrooke, Turnditch, and Elsewhere in the Old Parish of Duffield,

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